Yehuda Moshe
Co-founder and CEO
Ariel Isaacson
Co-founder and CTO
Aharon Perkel
Co-founder and CPO
Net Jacobsson
Special Advisor of Business Development
Former Facebook Executive
Marty Rothenberg
Director of Project Management
Former Project Manager, Pearson
Richard Chera
Vice President, Crown Acquisitions
Eli Harari
CEO, Americo Group
Jesse Sutton
CEO, Majesco Entertainment
Saul Blinkoff
Film Director, Disney
David Goldfarb
Founder and former CTO, Vringo
Jacob Lamm
VP Corporate Strategy, Computer Associates
Geoff Rochwarger
Chairman & CEO at IDT Energy
Prof. David Sitt
President of Mindful Consulting Group
David Levine
Head of Business Development, Vodafone
Yehuda Kohn
CEO at Queen Anne Financial
Rabbi Yehoshua Fass
Founder & Executive Director at Nefesh b'Nefesh
Moshe Wilshinsky
CEO at Moville Mortgage and Finance
Mercava USA

Crown Acquisitions HQ
767 5th Ave, New York
NY 10153
United States

Mercava Israel

36 Nachal Lachish
Bet Shemesh